About us

Love is not what we say but what we do. Often times we are told how much we are loved and appreciated but actions and attitudes tell a completely different story. We are a family, not by blood but through the blood of Jesus Christ, whom God have brought together for a common goal; to seek and find the discarded, broken and tossed aside of society. Why? Because we have all been through heartache, pain, rejection and were seen as nothing worth while. But God in His infinite wisdom chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise and the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

Our story began in January 2014 with a small group of persons who came together in a living room simply for the purpose of worship and fellowship, that the name of God was glorified. It was not a planned event but it began with one person saying I am coming to your house and each one invited one. No one knew that this was the plan of God, ordained and orchestrated by Him for His glory. And so, the church began on January 12, 2014 in the living room of the one who would later be ordained as the under-shepherd of the flock – our Pastor. There were 18 persons present on that cold January morning.

Where we gathered was not important, the reason for the meeting was the key factor. There was a burning desire to glorify God for His matchless love and to be in His Holy presence. Under the guidance and direction of our Mentor and Overseer, we moved only when the Lord said to and we did only that which pleased God. The presence and anointing of God was always with us as we worshipped. It was never church as usual but church unusual.

When the question was asked; what will be the name of the church? The answer came from God immediately through our Apostle: Divine Grace of Glory Church. We did not hesitate but rejoiced because we were familiar with the ministry of Divine Grace Of Glory Church, Benin City Nigeria, which is under the leadership of our esteemed Pastor Peter Israel Obaseki, a humble and mighty man of God.

So it was that we worshipped God in the living room of our Pastor’s home for six months until the Lord provided us with a place to worship. It is not our final stop because we presently use a location that belongs to another wonderful group of God’s people. “Other sheep have I, which are not of this fold” says God. They have opened their hearts and church home to us and we thank God for them and for their generosity.

Our focus is to create and provide a loving environment where all are welcome no matter the ethnicity, educational or socio-economic backgrounds. We are that city that is set on a hill that cannot be hid. We are a refuge center, an asylum, a hospital, a half way house. We will be what the people need us to be for them. We know it is not about us but it is all about Jesus.

We will seek out those that have been left for dead, those that others have refused, those about whom it has been said are too far gone, too broken, too damaged to be helped or repaired. We will take them in, nurture, nourish, love and cherish them until they are made whole again through Jesus Christ. We will never judge or condemn those that the Lord will send to us because we are all one in Christ. We will not judge you by your speech, your attire, where you have been or what you have been through. We can only do that which is required of us and it is simply to LOVE!

We are apostolic but our mindset is like Christ Jesus our Lord. We seek to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in genuine, relevant and meaningful ways. We strive to live according to Matthew 5:16 ‘Let your light so shine before men, that, they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’ We look forward to worshipping with you at Divine Grace of Glory Church.

We are glad you are here!