Our Mission

Our Mission

To ensure that Jesus Christ has preeminence in all that we do as we serve to Equip, Motivate and Incorporate the efforts of each member of Divine Grace of Glory Church in its local, regional and international outreach as we cross cultural and socioeconomic barriers in an effort to develop the total man- mind, body, soul and spirit.

Our Goals

1. To Increase membership through prayer and evangelism.

2. To establish outreach ministries that will be effective in achieving their purpose (e.g.  food and clothing drives).

3. To provide ongoing leadership to the entire church in the area of outreach and serve as a mobilizing force within the congregation in order to provide and promote outreach ministries and develop future leaders.

4. To take a holistic approach to ensure that individuals ministered to under the Outreach Program umbrella will be cared for in a consistent and sensitive manner.