On Sunday November 5, 2017, the Shepherd of the house, Pastor Darcia Palmer, delivered a thought provoking and inspiring message last Sunday entitled, “Dinah’s lot will not be my portion”. It was based on Genesis 34:1-8, 13-17 and 24-27. She began by explaining Dinah’s position as the only daughter of the great patriarch Jacob and his wife Leah. When Dinah was violated by Shechem, Jacob did not deal appropriately with the matter so her brothers, Simon and Levi, decided to handle matter in their own way. Full of guile, the brothers dealt deceitfully with Shechem, his father Hamor and killed them along with all the men of their city.

Pastor Palmer noted three things about Dinah;

  1. She was a victim, powerless
  2. Her destiny was decided by her brothers
  3. She was used for vengeance and then forgotten

Pastor Palmer explained that often times we miss our destiny because of the decisions of others. The words they speak to us, the proclamation that is made over our lives and the decisions made on our behalf, often determine our destiny. She emphasized that we must be sensitive to these issues to ensure that Dinah’s lot is not be our portion. Do not allow your circumstance or any person cause you to be a victim.

Pastor Palmer used Dinah situation to bring across three main points. Firstly, what you have been through doesn’t determine who you will be. She accentuated that God as a purpose for each and every one of us and he will decide what we will become. No principalities and power, can take this purpose from us because God has the final say. Like Jeremiah we are created to do great exploits for God; “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

Secondly, she mentioned that no man can determine your destiny. Naomi wanted to determine her daughter-in-laws destiny but Ruth was determined to make her own destiny. She refused to leave Naomi and stay in her own country. Her determination made her press forward and leave her own people to worship the true and living God. Because of this, Ruth ended up in the linage from which Jesus Christ our Savior came; she didn’t allow death or anyone to determine her destiny. Pastor Palmer encouraged us to ask of God what he wants us to do and not listen to what others say we can or cannot do. Obey God not man.

Finally, the shepherd of the house declared that when we obey God our name shall be known for great shall be our reward. God moved Rehab from a place of obscurity to a place of prominence because of what she did for God’s people. God sees the best in us, he looks beyond our sins and iniquities as he already made provision for our cleansing through the blood of his son, Jesus Christ. He is able to pull us out of the miry clay, out of us mess to fulfill our destiny. Rejoice when you are persecuted for righteousness sake, when you are hated, reviled and falsely accused, used and abused. Great is your reward.

Pastor Palmer closed the sermon by reminding us that we should “live out” our God given potential and not allow others after the similitude of Dinah’s brothers, determine our destiny. We are the light of the world and should live so that others can make it in because of our light. We are victors, not victims. She  professed that we shall not be like Dinah and go out in obscurity, but God will make us GREAT!

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